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The Learning Center Preschool plans an anti-bias curriculum for all programs.  

Our basic curriculum is focused on age and developmentally appropriate themes.  We follow a structured daily schedule in all of our sessions in order to provide your child with a stimulating education.  Our preschool environment is set up with interest learning centers to provide structured experiences to meet each child’s individual needs.  We encourage this by planning a daily schedule that includes a circle time, group activities/projects, free choice, music and movement, snack, and large motor activities.  A copy of the daily schedule can be found in the back of the handbook.  In addition to art projects that enhance creativity and fine motor skills, we may also plan math, science, language arts, social studies, and cooking activities as part of our small group projects. 


The preschool shall provide outdoor play each day in suitable weather for all children in attendance.  If the playground is extremely wet, it is raining, the temperature is not above 32 degrees, or any other extreme weather conditions such as ozone action days, smog, or extreme heat, we may perform our large motor activities indoors.

We will arrange for a variety of guest speakers (fire department, police department, local dentist, etc.) to visit the center periodically throughout the school year.  If you know of someone in the community who would like to be a guest speaker at The Learning Center Preschool, please let us know!  

In all of our classes, the themes will be assigned on a weekly basis. The children will enjoy a week of “All About Me”, “Butterflies,” “Sports,” “Careers”, and more. We will also enjoy themes focusing on colors, shapes, numbers, the five senses, patterns, an introduction to letters and more.  


In all of our programs, the curriculum is created to encourage children to develop and maintain positive self-esteem, as they preserve a wholesome attitude towards themselves, their teachers, peers, school, and learning experiences.  Our developmentally appropriate curriculum gives children a thirst for knowledge by asking open ended and problem solving questions, and encourages them to express themselves creatively through the materials surrounding them in our child-centered environment.  Projects are planned to provide adequate opportunities for children to develop independence, expand their sense of curiosity, and to develop their own personalities.  The teachers will plan activities which build social relationships, physical development of gross and fine motor skills, and allow them to express their emotions in a positive way.  

A copy of the daily schedule is posted in the classroom and available at the back of the Parent Handbook.  The daily schedule is tentative, and may need to be altered with little or no notice due to special events such as class parties, guest speakers, special programs, and other activities.  



Circle Time

Circle time will be adapted to be age and developmentally appropriate for each class.  Circle time includes taking attendance, group discussions, story time, calendar, weather, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and job assignments.  

Table Activities

Table activities are planned and purposeful learning activities to enhance the program theme or build content standards-based skills.

Free Exploration and Free Choice Time

Free exploration and free choice time invites children to freely choose which activity or learning center they would like to get involved.  This is a great time for children to explore the computers, housekeeping, blocks, cars, or art centers, as well as explore the many math and science materials and manipulatives throughout the classrooms.  

Small Group Activities and Projects

During Small Group Activities and Projects, children will meet in small groups to work on art, math, science, cooking, social studies, or language art activities.  Activities are developmental and age appropriate, and adapted to challenge the children.


If there are openings, we are flexible in offering additional sessions to interested families. These additional sessions would need to be determined at least 2 days in advance. Additional sessions are $30 each and payment is due at time of service. Inclement Weather The Learning Center Preschool follows the Indian River School District regarding cancellations and delays due to weather conditions. If the public schools are delayed one hour, we will also open one hour late. If there is a two hour delay, the morning class will be cancelled. If IRSD is closed, The Learning Center Preschool will be closed as well. Please listen to the radio (WGMD 92.7FM) or watch the local news channel for public school closings. Any sessions missed or shortened due to the weather will not be made up or refunded. Holidays The Learning Center Preschool typically follows the Indian River School District school calendar. Days off will be posted in the classroom.

Meet the teachers

Heather Shevland


Heather Shevland is the owner, operator, and lead teacher at The Learning Center Preschool.  

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware in Individual and Family Studies with a focus on Mental Health Prevention/Intervention for Children and Adolescents.  

After working as a social worker at a Head Start center in Wilmington, she decided to pursue her Master of Education degree at Wilmington University.  Upon the completion of her graduate work, she purchased The Learning Center Preschool and was able to combine her love for children, education, and community enrichment.  

Heather has taught preschool since 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with over 100 different families. 

Bonnie Cannon


Bonnie Cannon is the assistant teacher at The Learning Center Preschool.  

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Salisbury University and her Master of Education degree from the University of Delaware.  

After teaching kindergarten and first grade for over 37 years in the public school system, Bonnie was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of living at the beach and joining the family business.  

Her educational experience, patience, and love for children help instill an early love of learning in our preschoolers.



Read what our parents say about The Learning Center Preschool

"It was such a blessing to know that ****** was happy, learning, and in such wonderful hands!  You are loved and appreciated!"

"Thank you so much for all you have done for ******!  It’s been amazing watching him grow over the past 3 years and your patience, kindness and willingness to help him grow have been a major part of that."

"Thank you for being a great teacher!  You made *****’s first school experience a positive one.
We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for **** these past two years.  There has not been one single day that he has not wanted to go to school and we can’t thank you enough for building such a love of school and learning in him.  It is because of all you do that he loves school so much!"

" ***** adores you and we are looking forward to another year with you.  He has really come a long way socially since day one."

"You have provided (our daughter) with a very safe, fun environment for her to learn.  By “safe” I mean a place where she has felt comfortable enough to learn and grow."

" ***** has grown and learned so much this year due to your hard work, dedication and patience.  She has also enjoyed herself each day of school and looked forward to the next.  She is actually quite disappointed the school year has come to an end."

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